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Make your Italy vacation truly a dream come true. Let Brent work with you personally to help you find those hidden gems in Italy that you would otherwise pass by and let Italy come alive for you.

"I wanted to thank you for planning our vacation to Italy and let you know we had the most fun we've had in years. " CS - California

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Your Enchanted Italy is your unique personal Italy vacation planner. Brent's years of traveling throughout Italy are invaluable in planning an Italy trip tailored to your personal interests. Whether you are an art history buff, a lover of wines and food, a great outdoors person or all of the above, Brent will design your Italy vacation itinerary with your tastes in mind. With Brent's help you too will enter into the magic of Italy.

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Use the Italian Vacation Planner to find out trip rates and let Brent know what you would like to do during your visit to Italy.

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Plan your next vacation to Italy with the help of an expert. Contact Brent to start planning your Italian vacation.

Custom Trip Planning to Your Enchanted Italy

What is a customized Italian vacation? We sit down with you and talk about what your dream vacation to Italy would look like. We share with you our experiences and ideas and then develop an Italy vacation itinerary that specifically meets your needs. There is no “template” or tour that we are trying to make you fit into…the trip is yours to plan and then we do the rest! You’ll go to Italy with reservations, maps, outlines of what to expect and a wide range of tips based upon our experiences traveling in Italy.

Sample Italian
Vacation Itineraries

Take a peak at sample Italian trip itineraries that will give you examples of all there is to do during your visit to Italy. Walk the Cinque Terre. Sunbathe on the beaches of Sicily. Take in the architecture of ancient Tuscan villages. The possibilities for your vacation to Italy are endless.


Photos courtesy of the Italian Government Tourist Board North America